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Fields marked with an “*” are required in order to process the application.

Vehicle information only needs to be filled in if a parking space is available with the apartment and you are requesting a paid parking spot.
Has the applicant ever been sued for bills?
Has the applicant ever been bankrupt?
Has the applicant ever been guilty of a felony?
Has the applicant ever broken a lease?
Has the applicant ever been locked out of their apartment by the sheriff?
Has the applicant ever been brought to court by a landlord?
Has the applicant ever moved owing rent or damaged an apartment?
Is the total move-in amount available now (rent and deposit)?

I authorize the landlord to contact past and present landlords, employers, creditors, credit bureaus, neighbors, and any other sources deemed necessary to investigate my application. All information is true, accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge. Landlord reserves the right to disqualify me if information is not as represented. ANY PERSON OR FIRM IS AUTHORIZED TO RELEASE INFORMATION ABOUT MYSELF, THE UNDERSIGNED, UPON PRESENTATION OF THIS FORM OR A PHOTOCOPY OF THIS FORM AT ANY TIME.

I understand that the payments being made by me are entirely non-refundable except where: 1) the unit for which the applicant applies is unavailable (i.e. already rented). In which case, the applicant shall receive a full refund of his or her payment made to Meltzer Real Estate (MRE); or 2) the application is not accepted by the Landlord. In which case, the applicant shall receive a refund of full payment made to MRE less the credit check/application fee. In all other instances the deposits will be retained in their entirety by MRE and/or the Landlord as liquidated damages, it being understood that such amount is a reasonable measure of damages for the unit being removed from the market and is not a penalty.

Thank you for giving our Leasing Consultant the opportunity to show the unit, and complete the lease application in regard to above mentioned property. Leasing Consultant's Brokerage Company has previously entered into an agreement with property owner (client) to provide certain property management and real estate brokerage services to the property owner. As a result, Leasing Consultant will not be acting as your agent but as the agent of the property owner. THIS NOTICE OF NO AGENCY IS BEING PROVIDED AS REQUIRED BY ILLINOIS STATE LAW NOTICE OF NO AGENCY RELATIONSHIP.